If you enjoyed the site and want to help making it more complete you can give one or more pictures of vehicles. Your name, optionally with your email or a link to your web page, will appear next to each picture donated by you and also on this page.

If you've got a digital camera it's easy to take such shots; you can do it even without allotting time just for it; for example you can take pictures while waiting for a bus in the station or while walking thru the city. With a good camera and during sunny days one can picture running vehicles as well. There are no legal restrictions, being on the public domain.

To keep the stylistic and functional unity of the site I can accept only pictures which, like my own ones, meet the following criteria:

Did I persuade you? I'm waiting then an email. Thanks!
People which have contributed to the Braila site so far:
  1. Stefan Puscasu: 132 pictures.
  2. Catalin Ghita: 93 pictures.
  3. Stefan Dache: 64 pictures.
  4. Terry Lawson: 45 pictures.
  5. Attila Zsiros: 27 pictures.
  6. Bogdan Mergeanu: 16 pictures.
  7. Kostj Kozlov: 10 pictures.
  8. Sergiu-Gabriel Onofrei: 3 pictures.
  9. Cristina Albu & Radu Czech: 3 pictures.
  10. Valentin Balan: 1 pictures.